A day trip to Brighton

I always knew when I made the trip over to the UK it would involve a visit to Brighton. It’s the place I’ve always fancied living in if I ever make the big move over. I visited on what was probably a perfect, sunny Tuesday. I hit the Pier early to avoid crowds, wandered the lanes and checked out very busy North Street. 

I’m not quite sure what I thought Brighton would be like, but it was certainly different to what I expecting. Although it was quite a relaxing and interesting place, it made me realise how spoilt we are with our beaches back home in Australia. We’ve got so many amazing waterfronts at home, finding one without masses of tourists isn’t a struggle. I think Brighton felt a little bit too much like a carnival for my liking, and I’m not sure it’s somewhere I’d like to live. Which actually, makes me all the more glad I visited first! 

If I go again, I’d really like to explore more of the Hove waterfront area and maybe have a mate with me so I can find a cute spot to enjoy a summer bevy without feeling like a loner (I did plenty of that in London!).

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