I spent 9 days in London and it didn’t rain once

I’m not going to pretend this post isn’t heavily, heavily delayed. I planned to share the photos from my whirlwind Paris and UK trip last (northern hemisphere) summer immediately after my return. And I did, for the most part. But for some reason… I sat on these London shots. 

This is a bit of a 35mm photo diary, starting with Holland Park, the beautiful neighbourhood I was determined to call home for my time there. Then Hyde Park, Sketch (which I visited for afternoon tea on my 27th birthday), the immensely beautiful and relaxing Kew Gardens (a trip highlight, I’d say), Notting Hill and Portobello Road, and then Central and East London. I adored this city, and it taught me that the difference between solo travel feeling do-able and totally enjoyable rests almost exclusively in the art of figuring out the transport system!

As always these photos were shot on my trust Contax G1, and this trip I left my 28mm lens on the whole time. I think this post will be one of the last I’ll share consisting entirely of photos shot on Kodak ColorPlus 200. I love that film, I really do - but I found myself annoyed at the intense contrast and the complete lack of detail in the blacks in a lot of these photos. And while it didn’t rain once the whole time I was in London, the sky was unsurprisingly overcast for the majority of my time there, which meant that ColorPlus didn’t quite shine. I have another overseas trip just around a corner and I just put 10 rolls of Portra 400 into my cart. The time has come. 🤭

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