US Photo Diary Part 3: San Francisco

The third and final leg of our US trip was San Francisco. Our time in SF could be summed up as: 1/3 watching the waves at Fort Point (an extremely rare break almost directly under the Golden Gate Bridge which only works when the conditions are just right), 1/3 walking up and down hills and 1/3 admiring pastel-coloured homes. Of the cities I’ve visited so far in the US, San Francisco is definitely the one I could see myself happily living in. Can’t wait to see you again SF!

US Photo Diary Part 2: New York City

Does New York City even need an introduction? This time around we stayed there for about a week, and as my second trip and Charlie’s third we definitely had a better idea of what we wanted to see and do this time around. Mostly that meant catching the subway to a neighbourhood and wandering the streets with our cameras until our feet hurt - the best way to do New York if you ask me!

US Photo Diary Part 1: Austin, TX

This October I visited the United States with my boyfriend Charlie. First up on the trip we visited Austin, Texas for ACL festival as Charlie scored a media pass and I decided to tag along for fun. I’m definitely grateful to ACL because without it I don’t think I ever would’ve thought to travel to Austin. It’s a really clean city with plenty of friendly people and great food (and incredibly balmy weather!). Here are some shots from ACL festival + a few extras of the city. 

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